The Basics  

  1. The abstract reasoning test measures your lateral thinking (also called fluid intelligence). The more familiar term for this is ‘street smarts’ or ability to ‘think on your feet’. The term lateral thinking refers to your ability to quickly identify patterns and trends in data, learn new information and skills, and solve problems dealing with unfamiliar situations.
  2. The abstract reasoning test is timed. Although different tests may have different time limits, you should expect to be given approximately 30 seconds per question.
  3. The number of questions may vary between different tests.
  4. The test is designed so only 1% to 2% of test-takers can correctly answer all questions within the time limit.
  5. The most difficult questions are placed at the end of the test.
  6. Every question on the abstract reasoning test is worth the same number of points. There's no bonus for figuring out a hard question.