How to prepare for your job interview

Every job interview requires in-depth preparation. The aim of such an interview is to collect as much information as possible on your suitability to perform the role you applied for. This information is derived from several sources:

  •  the content of your responses,
  • your appearance,
  • the extent to which you demonstrate self-confidence and stress during the interview,
  • your behaviour,
  • your attitude to the problems presented (aggressive, silent, accommodating etc).

The information is collected from the moment you enter the room.

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Many people assign to the interviewer or the occupational psychologist unrealistic powers. They are certain that the interviewer can very quickly read them through. Therefore, they start the job interview with many fears which tend to negatively impact their behaviour during the interview. However, the occupational psychologist or any other interviewer has no more capabilities than the average person. He or she simply analyse the information collected using professional tools. A significant part of the interviewer impression on you is determined the in the same way as you determine your impression of other people.

Every interviewer has his/her own personal style. Some like to create a good atmosphere and avoid from pressuring you. Their intent is to make you forget that you are actually being tested. Others prefer to emphasis the pressure and can impose on you a fair amount of stress by asking very confronting and difficult questions. They can, also, ask provocative questions which can raise a doubt your capabilities and ability to deal with the job requirements. This is done intestinally to measure how good you respond to and cope with pressure. You must remember that during the interview you must be at your best.

There are several types of job interviews. You must be prepared for all of them to ensure you successfully pass your job interview. Click on each of the following job interview types to discover what they are and how to effectively prepare for them:

Discover useful Job Interview Tips to ensure that you pass your job interview with flying colours.

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