About Us

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching UK (IPC UK) is a world leader in providing preparation solutions for the psychometric test for job seekers. IPC UK has revolutionised the common belief that you cannot prepare and be trained for psychometric testing.

During our combined 25 years experience as occupational psychologists, we have assessed thousands of job-seekers and advised many employers on making hiring and career development decisions. We understand the dread many job-seekers feel when facing with the requirement to take the psychometric test or an assessment centre.

We understand the needs and challenges job-seekers face. We are experienced registered organisational psychologists with extensive understanding of selection and career development processes in blue-chip companies

We know that many qualified candidates fail to get the job they want, or employees fail to attain the promotion they have been waiting for, just because they were too nervous on the day of the test or were just overwhelmed by the test. Even fresh graduates out of uni (let alone professionals who sat their last test about 10 or 20 years ago) find it difficult to cope with new challenges and time constraints when exposed to psychometric tests.

Most people could do better in the psychometric test and assessment centre with proper preparation. It is not about cheating. Like any other test you have taken in your life, the more you practise, the more you improve your skills and the more confident you get to be on the day of the test.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative and personalised test prep solutions and coaching services that enhance our clients’ skills to successfully pass the psychometric test. We don’t offer books online or discuss theoretical concepts. We also don’t offer a huge number of practice questions in math to make you a better mathematician. Our in-depth expertise in psychometric testing and what employers seek to attain enable us to offer you practical guides which are concise, easy to follow, and immediately available online. Our timed practice tests are not only based on the real questions used in the market, but they also offer you the unique and very different experience of taking the test under real conditions.

IPC has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2007, with an ever-growing demand from job-seekers. The opportunity to assist our clients who are seeking to get their dream job or advance their career, through improvement of their psychometric testing skills, is our joy and satisfaction.

We are proud to be able to provide quick learning and high-quality solutions while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We are constantly working to enhance our customers’ learning experiences and developing more personalised and customised psychometric test solutions.