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More than just an online test

Do you think, like many others, that all you need to do to prepare for a psychometric test is take an online practice test?
Effective preparation for psychometric testing is more in-depth than simply taking a practice test and getting a score and possibly some feedback.

Here are some tip on what you need to look for:

  1. Is the psychometric test designed to measure work suitability? 
    Searching the Internet, will bring up lots of online psychometric tests or personality tests. Before using these as practice for a psychometric test as part of the recruitment process you need to know what they are designed to measure.  Some of the tests are designed to measure your overall personality or your IQ, other are aimed at identifying personality disorders or learning difficulties and some are simply designed for ‘fun’.   Taking any of these as preparation for a psychometric test as part of the recruitment process is probably not going to be very effective.
  2. Is the psychometric test suitable for my occupation and level? 
    When you are taking a practice test, it is important to ensure that the test is suitable not only for the job role you applied for but also the organisational level as well (i.e. graduate, professional, manager). The level of difficulty in the aptitude tests’ (verbal, numerical and abstract) level of difficulty varies according to the occupational and organisational levels.  
       For example, an HR graduate will be expected to demonstrate higher verbal reasoning skills than an IT graduate, and so the HR graduate applying for a graduate HR entry position will get a more difficult verbal reasoning test than the IT graduate. Employers look for different personality traits, or place more importance on certain traits, at different occupational and organisational levels. 
  3. Do I get detailed explanations of my psychometric test results? 
    Simply getting a score does not allow you to understand how you can more effectively demonstrate your aptitude in a test. To be able to learn from your mistakes, understand how to correctly solve questions and identify areas in which you can improve you need a detailed explanation of your score and how to reach the correct answers. 
  4. Who is behind this test? 
    Don't waste your time.  Make sure that the practice tests you are taking are developed by organisational psychologists with experience in recruitment and assessment.
  5. Are course guides or books offered by the psychometric test provider, allowing you to learn how to improve? 
    To do well in any of the tests you have taken you will have prepared and practised. The psychometric test is no different. Components of the psychometric tests based on acquired knowledge and skills offer you an opportunity to improve your score. You can give yourself an edge by learning the mindsets behind the verbal reasoning questions, recognising the transformation patterns in abstract reasoning questions and learning and practising the different types of numerical reasoning questions.

Why IPC UK’s preparation is unique

  • Complete range of online psychometric test preparation solutions 
    IPC UK is the only company that offers a complete range of psychometric test preparation solutions, ranging from personal coaching delivered by experienced psychologists and psychometric workshops to online practice psychometric tests and psychometric test courses
  • Suitable for your level
    IPC UK’s online practice psychometric tests are designed to suit over 90 different occupations and a range of organisational levels. 
  • Backed by years of industry experience
    Developed by organisational and occupational psychologists experienced in psychometrically assessing thousands of job applicants and who have worked closely with the major employers in the market,  means you can have confidence in the validity  of  IPC UK's psychometric test preparation courses and practice tests.
  • Short and focused 
    At IPC UK we know how little time you may have available to prepare for your psychometric test. Designed to be short and focused, our preparation solutions still deliver all you need to help you succeed.
  • Detailed answer explanations 
    Get a detailed explanation of the answer for each psychometric test question.  This will help you understand how to tackle a similar type of question in the actual psychometric test. 
  • Learn at your own pace
    Our psychometric test courses are designed to be easy to follow. They offer you the flexibility of spending longer on areas you are finding and to keep repeating a lesson until you understand it. 
  • Practise as many times as you want 
    IPC UK's practice psychometric tests are based on a bank of hundreds of test questions. This means that you can take our practice psychometric tests as many times as you want and you will not be repeating a test, each time you will get a different one. 
  • No time restrictions 
    Designed to mimic the actual psychometric tests; you can either take the maximum time available or complete our psychometric test courses as quickly as you want.  
  • Flexibility to study when and where it suits you 
    Based online our psychometric test course and practice tests are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – making it easy to fit in with your life.  You can take the psychometric test course or practise our psychometric tests from home, work or even a café with a Wi-Fi hotspot. In fact, you can take our psychometric test preparation from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing you to access high-quality training when and where it suits you.