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Our personality test preparation products:

Online practice personality test 
Online personality test courses
Personal coaching (over the telephone)

Why should you prepare for the personality test?

Identifying the personality traits which will be required in the job and understanding how they will be assessed, is the key to your success in the personality test.  This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of how to ensure you demonstrate that you possess the appropriate personality traits, will allow you to show your true potential to your future employer.

There are a number of popular personality tests used in the market. Each test measures different personality traits or behavioural styles. Therefore, understanding what the personality test you will be taking measures, how it measures your personality, and what type of personality traits are important to your employer, is vital in getting you through the personality test and into your dream job.

Why our personality test preparation is unique

Backed by years of industry experience IPC UK’s personality test preparation solutions are effective and relevant. Our courses and practice tests have been developed by organisational psychologists who have worked closely with employers and have extensive experience in administering personality tests and assessing thousands of job applicants.

IPC UK’s preparation solutions allow you to tailor your personality test preparation to meet your needs – you can take our short online personality course, practise an online personality test, receive feedback on your personality test from one of our psychologists, or participate in a psychometric test workshop. Designed to be short and focused, our personality preparation solutions still deliver all you need to help you succeed. Flexible, easy to follow courses enable you to spend longer on areas you are finding harder to grasp, and to keep repeating a lesson until you fully understand the issue. You can take the course or test from your home or from anywhere with a broadband Internet connection.

Online practice personality test

Our online practice personality tests measure work-related personality traits such as leadership, people management, ability to work in teams, ability to work under pressure, and many more.Designed to help you identify and learn more about your personality traits, the practice personality test will also help you understand which of these you should emphasise in the actual test to get the job you applied for. For example, if you applied for a marketing role, it is important that you know whether your personality profile demonstrates creative thinking, acceptance of new ideas, the capacity to manage stakeholders, etc. The practice personality test covers all of this information and more. 

You will:

  • receive unlimited access to practise a 185-question online personality test based on actual tests used by employers
  • get a comprehensive report on what employers are likely to understand from your score on 30 work-related personality traits
  • identify your strengths and weaknesses, relevant to the job you applied for
  • get a simple and clear comparison of your personality profile against that required by employers in the job you applied for
  • get tips on how to better demonstrate your personality when taking the personality test.

Online personality test courses

Able to be completed in as little as 2 - 3 hours, IPC UK’s online personality test course is short and practical. Taking you step by step, the course provides you with all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to master your personality test.

The complete personality test course         

In this course you will:

  • get valuable inside information on how personality tests measure your work-related personality
  • get example questions with complete answer interpretations for each test type
  • learn about the different ‘ lie detecting’ scales used in personality tests
  • identify your personality strengths and weaknesses
  • practise how to emphasise your strengths in the personality test.

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Short courses for popular personality tests

We offer short courses on each of the most popular personality tests. So if you know which personality test you will be taking, you can take the appropriate personality test courses. (Important tip: Contact your recruiter or employer to ask which personality test you are likely to be taking)

As well as offering inside information on how the test measures your personality, the courses have sample questions with thorough interpretations, and a simple multi-step work plan on how to emphasise your relevant strengths when taking the test.

The following test courses are available:

The personality test course
The 16 personality factor (16PF™ ) personality test (coming soon)
The 15 factor questionnaire (15FQ+) personality test (coming soon)
The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ™ ) personality test – an SHL test (coming soon)
The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI™ ) personality test (coming soon)
The Hogan Development Survey (HDS™ ) personality test (coming soon)

Personal coaching

Get one of our professional psychologists to work with you over the telephone to ensure that you enhance your strengths and improve those areas you need to work on relevant to the job you applied for.

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Psychometric test workshops

Our psychometric test workshops are run by experienced organisational psychologists. With the option of either a one- or half-day workshop you are guaranteed to receive personalised and comprehensive psychometric test preparation. 

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