Psychometric test courses online

Much more than reading a book about psychometric tests

Learning with IPC UK’s online courses is a very different experience from reading a book about the psychometric test:

·         Our courses have been created by organisational psychologists and incorporate established learning methodologies to ensure a high-quality experience.

·         The courses include interactive activities and short quizzes to improve your learning and test your comprehension.

We understand the pressure you are under and the short time you may have available to prepare for the psychometric test. Therefore, we have devised a unique series of online psychometric courses that allow you to:

1.     gain all the skills and experience you need within a short time

2.     learn test-taking strategies and special tricks to give you the edge you require

3.     take the course from anywhere with an internet connection

4.     access courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to better accommodate your busy schedule 

5.     progress as quickly as you feel comfortable.

Should I take the online course or practice test?

Practice psychometric tests offer you an opportunity to practise real test questions under the same conditions as in the real test, get feedback on your performance, and understand the answer explanations. Online courses, on the other hand, take you step by step through all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to show your true potential in the psychometric test.

If you have sufficient time before your psychometric test, we would recommend that you take both the practice tests and our online courses to be fully prepared for the actual psychometric test.

What psychometric courses are available?

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching UK offers the following online courses:

·         Numerical reasoning test course

·         Verbal reasoning test course

·         Abstract reasoning test course

·         Personality test courses

Our online courses can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet and are compatible with all popular browsers such as Explorer, Mozilla and Safari.


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