Personal psychometric coaching

Invest in your career – get coaching from a professional psychologist and ace the psychometric test

Why personal coaching?

IPC UK’s personal psychometric test coaching offers:

  • personal psychometric testing guidance and advice from a professional psychologist
  • an analysis of the role you are aiming for by our experienced organisational psychologists identifying relevant personality traits and abilities which employers are likely to be interested in
  • an opportunity to work closely with the organisational psychologist, looking at your strengths and areas where you need to develop more skills in relation to the role you have applied for
  • personal guidance and recommendations on how to improve your psychometric test results, emphasise your relevant strengths, and improve your weaknesses
  • discussion of any issues and concerns you may have regarding your psychometric testing with an organisational psychologist.

How to achieve effective outcomes from your coaching session:

  1. Your personal coaching is based on your psychometric tests results. Therefore, you should first complete the online psychometric tests (during your registration, you will be able to select the tests suitable for your occupation and organisational level).
  2. Provide us with as much information as you are able to regarding the particular job you are applying for, the position title and details of the organisation you are applying to. Any other information such as the job advertisement (you can either scan the advertisement or copy it to a word document), position description (can sometimes be obtained from the job ad, company site or the recruiter) would also be useful.                         

All your information is confidential and will not be passed on to any third party such as recruiters or employers.