Practice verbal aptitude tests and courses online

Our unique approach to prepare you for your verbal aptitude test:

IPC’s verbal aptitude test questions and courses are developed in Australia by experienced psychometric test developers.

  1. Practice verbal test questions mimic the real verbal reasoning test questions used by blue-chip employers.
  2. IPC’s practice verbal test questions and courses are designed to match the level of difficulty and complexity of the job you are applying for.
  3. We are the only ones to offer a comprehensive solution to prepare for your verbal aptitude test:
    • you can take our verbal aptitude test course online; or
    • you can take our practice verbal aptitude tests online; or
    • you can be personally coached by one of our experienced psychologists.
  1. Our solutions to prepare you for your verbal aptitude tests are short, concise, and practical; they allow you to achieve major improvements quickly.
  2. We teach you practical verbal aptitude test-taking strategies, and effective problem-solving frameworks.
  3. Our solutions are immediately available online.
  4. Since our establishment, we have served more than 200,000 customers. Read what they have to say about us in the Testimonials section.
  5. We work closely with the career services of more than 20 universities in the UK to assist graduates in their psychometric tests.

Our online practice verbal aptitude test:

  • We have the largest pool verbal aptitude test questions.
  • Our test questions are designed to match the level of difficulty and complexity required in the job you are applying for.
  • All test questions are designed by experienced British occupational psychologists and psychometric test writers.
  • Our practice verbal aptitude tests mimic your real verbal test experience.
  • Comprehensive verbal test reports are immediately available.
  • Lists of correct and incorrect answers are immediately available.
  • Detailed explanations of answers are offered to ensure you are well prepared for your verbal test.
  • There is immediate access to our practice verbal aptitude tests.

See below some verbal aptitude test example questions and answer explanations. You can click on the image to enlarge.

  • Practice verbal test Introduction
  • Example question 1
  • Example question 1 - Answer
  • Example question 2
  • Example question 2 - Answer
  • Example question 3
  • Example question 3 - Answer
  • Practice verbal test Result

Our online verbal aptitude test course:

IPC’s verbal aptitude test courses are designed to be short and practical. They offer the following:

  1. Major improvement can be achieved within as little as 2–3 hours.
  2. The verbal aptitude test course takes you step by step through all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to complete your verbal test with flying colours.
  3. Effective preparation strategies for your verbal aptitude test.
  4. Practical reading strategies allow you to quickly and effectively comprehend verbal test question data.
  5. Useful verbal aptitude test-taking strategies.
  6. Example verbal aptitude test questions, and detailed explanations on how to answer them.
  7. Do’s and don’t’s of the verbal aptitude test.
  8. Useful tips on how to crack verbal aptitude test questions.

See below a short verbal aptitude test course example. You can click on the image to enlarge.

  • Verbal Course introduction
  • Verbal Course Example slide 1
  • Verbal Course Example slide 2
  • Verbal Course Example slide 3