Logical reasoning test guide

Logical Reasoning tests are designed to measure your logical thinking ability using the information provided in sequences of diagrams containing various shapes. Similar to Diagrammatic reasoning, Abstract reasoning and Inductive reasoning, you are required to look at a group of shapes and identify underlying logical rules and patterns in the sequence, in order to identify which shape comes next in the sequence.

Logical reasoning tests are used in a wide range of jobs and industries. The biggest users of the Logical reasoning test are probably finance, banking, telco and IT industries. So if you are looking for a job in one of these areas, preparing for the logical reasoning test is an important milestone in getting the job you want.

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching provides the most detailed feedback reports available online. Each report contains a list of your correct and incorrect answers, detailed answer explanations and worked solutions to all questions to help you identify and strengthen areas in your logical thinking skills. These reports are available to you immediately upon completing a Logical reasoning practice test and you can access them online at any time and track your outcome as you improve. We also offer recommendations on how to improve and perform at your best on the day of your Logical reasoning test.

So if you are applying for a job, take the initiative and practice for this type of test, as preparation can make the difference between getting and not getting the job. Please try our free abstract test to test your logical thinking skills or purchase our online courses and practice abstract reasoning tests to ensure you get your dream job.