Abstract reasoning test guide

Also called the conceptual reasoning test, the abstract reasoning test measures your lateral thinking skills or fluid intelligence.  This is your ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data, integrate this information, and apply it to solve problems. It measures what most people would refer to as the ability to ‘think on your feet’ or ‘street smarts’.

Your capacity to think strategically, grasp the bigger picture and quickly solve problems depends on your ability to quickly identify relationships, patterns and trends in organisational data, such as customers’ purchasing behaviour or market research. As a result employers will typically expect you to at least have reasonable abstract reasoning capabilities.

What do employers seek to learn from your abstract reasoning score?

The results of the abstract reasoning test shows and emloyer the extent to which you are:

  • capable of efficiently learning new skills 
  • capable of thinking strategically about problems and developments within the relevant business field 
  • capable of quickly analysing new information, integrating it to the overall scheme of things, and applying it to solve work-related prrblems 
  • capable of processing and analysing new work-related data in a logical manner.