Assessment centre

What is an assessment centre?

The longest and most complicated phase in the selection process is the assessment centre. Lasting anything from half a day to three days; an assessment centre includes a number of complicated and unfamiliar tests designed to induce tension and pressure in most people.

A typical assessment centre includes the following three modules:

1.          Psychometric testing

Most assessment centres include psychometric testing. In some cases, you may be asked to take the psychometric test prior to being invited to an assessment centre.

The psychometric test is designed to measure the fit between your abilities and personality and those required by the position. Psychometric testing typically includes a series of tests such as an abstract reasoning test, a verbal reasoning test, a numerical reasoning test, an abstract reasoning test and a personality test.

2.          Group or individual simulation exercise

This module measures your suitability for the role based on your observed behaviour. The aim of a simulation exercise is to uncover those candidates with the most suitable personal attributes, problem-solving skills and general aptitude, and identify which candidates would fit best and excel within the organisation’ s structure and culture.

In the simulation exercise, you will be asked to work on an unfamiliar task and cooperate with other people in the group, most of whom you will never have met before. Your behaviour during the simulation exercise will be observed by qualified organisational psychologists.

3.          A personal interview

This module measures your suitability based on the information collected in a behavioural-based interview. Your responses are either recorded or noted so they can be rated and ranked against a generic scale.