What are employers looking for in the personality test

During the recruitment process an employer needs to establish whether you:

  1. can do the job
  2. will do the job, and
  3. will fit in.

The answers to all three questions are significantly impacted by your personality and behavioural style.

Personality tests provide employers with an insight into how you are likely to handle relevant work-related activities, such as: complying with rules and regulations, managing stakeholders, solving problems in a practical manner,  leading others, working in teams, coping with stress and pressure, and much more.

Employers are looking for candidates to demonstrate those personality traits which match the job requirements. For example:
  • HR and professional roles require effective communication skills, superb stakeholders’ management skills, and a structured and planned approach to tasks, etc.
  • Engineering and process based roles require a work-safety attitude, a prudent and calculated approach to work, and the ability to cope with pressure in the workplace.
  • Sales roles on the other hand require a high motivation to achieve results, a competitive nature, and the ability to initiate and close sales.

As the above examples show the Personality Test has no right or wrong answers. Neither is there is a no positive or negative personality. The Personality Test is designed to assess your personality against the personality traits which have been selected as suitable for the job requirements.