Numerical reasoning test guide

Used by employers, the numerical reasoning test measures your ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions from data in graphs and tables. Whether generated by the organisation or stakeholders, numerical data is a crucial information source and is used to drive results, monitor progress and achieve business goals. Hence, the requirement from employers that you be capable of effectively collecting, interpreting, analysing and presenting numerical data.

Unlike easier numerical tests which are designed to measure your mathematic ability, the numerical reasoning test measures how well you use numerical data as a tool to make reasoned decisions and solve problems.

What do employers seek to learn from your numerical test score?

Employers use the result of your numerical reasoning test to identify the extent to which you are:

  • capable of efficiently and effectively identifying critical business-related issues and logically drawing conclusions from numerical data such as performance figures, financial results and analysis reports
  • capable of efficiently monitoring performance and progress based on numerical metrics such as charts and tables
  • capable of clearly presenting and conveying business-related issues in forms of charts and tables to key stakeholders.