Verbal reasoning test guide

One of the most commonly used psychometric (or aptitude) tests to measure candidates’ suitability and potential is the verbal reasoning test. There are several types of verbal reasoning tests.

Sentence completion and analogies are the easier forms of verbal reasoning test and measure your ability to use the English language in the workplace. A more complex and difficult verbal reasoning test is used to assess graduates, professionals and managers. Based on business-related reading material it not only measures your ability to understand, think logically about and accurately draw logical conclusions from written information, but also your ability to produce written reports and clearly and simply convey information to others.

What do employers seek to learn from your verbal reasoning score?

The result of your verbal reasoning test provides employers with an understanding of the extent to which you can:

  • identify critical business-related issues and logically draw conclusions from business-related reading material such as company manuals and reports
  • produce clearly written organisational reports and documents
  • articulate business-related issues in a clear and simple manner to colleagues, managers and customers.