What to expect in the numerical test

In the numerical reasoning test, you will be given graphs and tables portraying different business-related scenarios. Following each scenario there will be between two and five questions relating to the information presented. There will generally be four or five answers for each question and your task is to decide which the correct answer is based solely on the numerical information presented.

The numerical reasoning test is timed.  You should expect to be given approximately 50– 60 seconds per question, although different tests may have different time limits. The most difficult questions will be at the end of the test; these questions do not score any more highly than the easier questions at the beginning of the test. The numerical reasoning test is designed so only 1- 2% of test-takers can correctly answer all questions within the time limit.

As the numerical reasoning test is not designed to measure your arithmetical skills you are usually allowed to use a simple calculator. You will be told prior to taking the test whether you are allowed to use a calculator or not.  Generally though you will not even need to use a calculator to solve the test questions.