What to expect in the verbal test

The verbal reasoning test is timed. Typically you should expect to be given approximately 30 seconds per question, although different verbal reasoning tests may have different time limits.  As with the other aptitude tests, the verbal reasoning test is designed so that only 1 - 2% of test-takers can correctly answer all questions within the time limit.

In the verbal reasoning test, you will be given short passages of written information followed by a number of statements.  Your task is to decide whether each statement is:

  • True. This means that the statement logically follows the information provided in the passage.
  • False. This means that the statement does not logically follow the information provided in the passage.
  • or Cannot Tell. This means that there is insufficient information in the passage to make a decision regarding the statement.

Your answers must be based only on the information given in the passage. So if you have extensive knowledge of the specific topic which extends beyond the given information (or which contradicts the written information), you should only not apply this and base your answer on the information written in the passage.

The Verbal Reasoning Test will include passages of information from a range of subject areas, for example the social sciences, physical or biological sciences, and business-related areas (marketing, economics, human resource management, etc.). You may be generally familiar with some of the material, however no specific subject knowledge of the material is required as the test is examining your ability to . All questions are to be answered on the basis of what is stated or implied in the reading material.