Improve your numerical test score

Of all the parts of the psychometric test, the numerical reasoning test in the one in which you can gain the largest improvement within a short space of time. Our experience and extensive research shows that, with the right training, numerical reasoning skills can be quickly and significantly improved. Added to which, the principles behind numerical reasoning questions do not change from year to year. This means that quality practice tests have been produced.  The combination of taking enough of these tests, with feedback regarding incorrect answers and an explanation of the answer that was expected, whilst learning proven test taking strategies and techniques, allows you to prepare for the numerical reasoning test, quickly and effectively. Read more about how preparation improves psychometric test results

Throughout the numerical reasoning test you will need to apply different strategies, mindsets and perspectives, and the more quickly you can do this the more highly you will score. To be really effective you need to develop this through taking practice tests in similar conditions to ones you will experience in the actual test. This is harder to achieve by reading a book, but it is something you can quickly develop through a combination of practice, concentration and knowledge of test-taking strategies.

IPC UK has a large number of numerical reasoning tests available to suit a wide range of organisational and occupation levels.  So if you usually do very well in math and want to identify areas which need extra work for the numerical reasoning test, we recommend that you complete the appropriate practice numerical reasoning tests available on this site. You will receive a personalised report with detailed recommendations as to which areas of the numerical reasoning test you need to develop in order to improve your score.

If you are not confident about your numerical reasoning skills, you should begin by taking our online course on how to pass the numerical reasoning test. The course has easy-to-read explanations of the different types of questions appearing in the numerical reasoning test and a step-by-step explanation of how to solve them. The course also includes sample test questions and detailed explanations on how to answer. Practising these example questions will prepare you for the types of questions you'll get when you take the actual test. Then you can move on to practicing appropriate tests from the large number of online numerical reasoning tests available on this site. Not only will you gain experience completing numerical reasoning tests online, mimicking the actual test experience but you will get an indication of your areas of strength and weakness are in relation to the role you applied for.