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Why our verbal test preparation is unique

IPC UK’s verbal reasoning test preparation solutions were developed by organisational psychologists with years of industry experience. Our verbal reasoning practice tests and course are based on popular verbal reasoning tests used by blue-chip employers. Occupational psychologists, who have worked closely with employers and have extensive experience in administering verbal aptitude tests and assessing thousands of job applicants, have developed our courses and practice tests.

We don't just provide an off-the-shelf solution. IPC UK offers you the ability to tailor your verbal reasoning test preparation to meet your needs.  You can take our short online verbal reasoning test course, participate in a verbal reasoning test workshop, or practise an online verbal reasoning test, receiving feedback on your results from one of our psychologists. Short and focused, IPC UK's verbal reasoning test preparation solutions still deliver all you need to help you succeed.

Our flexible, easy to follow courses allow you to spend longer on difficult areas, or repeat a lesson until you fully understand the issue. All you need is a computer and access to a broadband Internet connection.

Practice verbal reasoning test

  • Receive unlimited access to a large number of verbal reasoning tests designed to match the level of difficulty and verbal reasoning skills required in the job you applied for
  • Test questions are based on real tests used by blue-chip companies
  • Get personalised and detailed reports with your test results and feedback on your relevant strengths and weaknesses
  • Get answers to all test questions with detailed explanations for the correct responses
  • Reports include a detailed explanation of what employers will learn from your specific test result about your work suitability.

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Online verbal reasoning test course

In as little as 2 to 3 hours IPC UK’s short, practical online course takes you step by step through all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to master the verbal reasoning test with flying colours.  The course includes:
  • effective preparation strategies for the verbal reasoning test
  • practical reading strategies to allow you to quickly and effectively comprehend  test question data
  • useful verbal reasoning test-taking strategies
  • example verbal reasoning test questions and detailed explanations on how to answer them
  • useful tips on how to crack verbal reasoning questions.

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